As A Dentist, Which Tool On Your Tray Gains New Patients?

Dental Marketing ToolkitYour website is one of the most valuable marketing tools available to you. By embracing the concept of creating fresh content through blogging and consistent social media outreach, you can transform your current static website to a patient generating machine. The recent changes in the internet world demands fresh content and relevant links to your website in order for you to be found and gain internet dominance. As you are putting together your marketing budget for next year, consider this:

Last month over *13.5 million people searched the internet to find a dentist. And, over 4 million of them searched from a mobile device. Is your current website mobile responsive (responds to different types of devices, screen orientation, and pixel dimensions)? If it’s not, when people search and find your site, it does not read well and a lot of the content may not even be visible. Google highly recommends the use of responsive website design over a separate mobile website.

Even if you, as a busy dentist, are not embracing social media, you know that many of your family and friends are certainly spending a lot of time using this medium. When a person looks for a dentist, they first search their local area and then they choose the 2 or 3 dentists that they are willing to research to see what type of social platform has been established. They want to see what community service you are involved in and what outreach does your office have and how you are involved in the community at large. They also want to know what educational offerings that you are partaking in to stay current in today’s ever changing world. They want to know you more as a person, not just a medical operative. Dentistry is an invasive and intimate process. For someone to feel comfortable choosing you as their dentist they want more than just a convenient location or a referral from a friend. If your website has fresh content in the form of blogs and a consistent social media outreach that shares:

  • Community involvement of you and your staff
  • Educational offerings that you or your staff are attending
  • Causes that are near and dear to your heart
  • Any hero moments your patients are experiencing in your office

…with these, you are much more likely to be chosen as the dentist with whom they want to form a relationship.

The good news is that this new direction on the internet allows you to establish a unique footprint that tells a great story, setting you apart from your competition. The bad news is that there never seems to be enough time or staff to handle the task of creating fresh content or consistent relevant social media postings.  Fortunately, TrustWorkz® offers the solution. We provide a Web Operative that is an empathetic, live person that is assigned to your office that will create all of the necessary fresh content and social media postings. We constantly tweak the search engine optimization of your site and content in order to gain internet dominance. Not only will you be found, but the content will keep you relevant and create a footprint that will make you their choice for a dentist. Call or contact us today to start gaining new patients and internet dominance through your website.

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*Source: Google

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