Pinterest for Business: Darling of the Internet or Huge Time-Suck?

Pinterest for Business

I wanted to share a few thoughts today about Pinterest. In the unlikely event that you don’t already know about the service; Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard…and it really is all the rage. If for some reason you are not already up to speed about the service, have a look at before we continue. I’ll be discussing some of the pros and cons today as well as sharing some insight and best-practices for businesses who wish to partake.

I have two main motivations for writing this today:  The first is that I am hearing more and more about the service from within several different industries and there is a genuine interest in learning more about the service.  The second is that I am constantly asked whether or not it adds any real value as an online marketing tactic.

Is Pinterest Too Big To Ignore?

According to a November 5th article published on  – “Pinterest Is Now The Fastest Growing Content-Sharing Platform”. This statement was based on a report released from ShareThis, a well-respected online content distribution service. According to the report, content sharing on Pinterest jumped 19.2% just in the last quarter. For comparison, Facebook content sharing only showed a 14.7% increase in the same timeframe. The statistics are impressive, but what does this mean to you and me, the small business owners?

Just like Facebook, Twitter, and other channels, you will get out of Pinterest what you put into it. Merely setting up a Pinterest account and having one won’t deliver tangible results. Pinterest is very participatory and social in that your level of engagement will dictate your level of success with the service.


Pinterest quote


You can set up a personal or a business profile on Pinterest. You can also convert a personal profile to a business at any time. I’d suggest that you set up a personal account first. Create your profile, create a few boards, and learn how to pin and re-pin other’s pins. Leave comments on pins and find yourself some “pin friends”. You will soon find out why the service is so fun…and potentially addictive.

Experiment with different searches to see what you find and how the search mechanism works. Find other boards, pins, and pinners from within your own industry. Pay special attention to those you may want to follow and/or emulate.

Note: One of the most deceiving aspects of Pinterest is that it can in fact drive tons of new traffic to your website. More often than not though, this traffic is useless and can actually harm your online presence. The only pins from your own boards (and as they are shared, re-pinned, etc.) that will actually link to your site are the ones that you pin from your own site. Re-pinning other’s pins and pinning from the Internet won’t provide traffic at all.

Once you feel comfortable enough with the mechanics of Pinterest, it’s time to take things a little more seriously. Pinterest can be a huge traffic driver to your website, which can grow your business’s reach and exposure. Pinterest can drive sales and help you to connect with potential customers…but only if you do it right.

Doing It Right

The problem that I see most people having with Pinterest is that they get sucked into all of the activity and get lost for hours at a time without having much to show for it. If your desire is to meet business objectives with your time spent on Pinterest then you will need to have a well thought out and calculated strategy.

In terms of traffic to your website, relevant traffic is the only kind worth having. It’s not easy to mine relevant traffic from Pinterest. What you pin on your boards goes out to the world at large, and whatever traffic this may yield will also be from the world at large. These visitors often land on your site and leave within 10 seconds…never having looked any deeper. This increases your bounce rate and the search engines will actually devalue your entire site because of it. It is a little trickier to get relevant traffic from actual people from within your specific hyper-local area. Pinterest doesn’t really lend itself to targeting a specific demographic or geographic location. I do have a few suggestions though:

  • Profile – Make sure to include keywords and phrases in your main bio that will attract the right kind of visitors to your boards. On each board you are allowed a description, do the same here. On every pin you can add a description, be as descriptive and specific on all of these as you can be, and with the searcher in mind – what will they be typing in as a search that you would want them to find your boards/pins for?
  • Strategy – I mentioned having a “well thought out and calculated strategy” above. This is not a Pinterest specific strategy per se, but an overall content strategy. Since the pins that you pin directly from your own website will lead to the desired increase in traffic to your site…you need to be creating compelling visual content on your website. This can be accomplished by including great images in blog posts, publishing white papers or “how-to” articles, posting image-rich coupons, etc. Produce relevant and image rich content and share on Pinterest often!
  • Make Pinning Easy – Having a “Pin this” button on your website encourages visitors to easily pin images from your site to their own Pinterest boards with one click. There are several different ways that anyone can pin from your site but this is by far the easiest.  In the helpful links below, I’ve included a link that will lead you to the “Pin This” button information on the Pinterest website.
  • Keep It Local – As I said earlier, it is very hard to put a hyper-local fence around Pinterest content…what you pin travels far and wide. There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of catching more local visitors to your pins and website. First, when you begin, search Pinterest for Boards, Pins, and Pinners from your local area…just type in your town and see what pops up. Follow these and engage with them. Leave comments, re-pin their pins, like their pins. You will find that many will reciprocate, increasing your chances for local traffic. Also, share your new Pinterest acct. with your local social media and newsletter followers, ask them to engage. You’ll be surprised at how many people are already prolific pinners!

In the interest of time I’ll stop here for now. I’ve included a few very good resource links below if you’d like to investigate further. I wish you all the best on Pinterest. I sincerely hope that you can make use of it as a tool to help grow your business. Happy pinning!

Pinterest is pretty simple, but it takes a little doing to get it right if you intend to use it as a marketing channel for your business. It’s not right for every business, so be careful how much time you invest before deciding if it’s worth your time and energy. Pinterest is fun and it is addictive…so don’t get caught up in this if it’s not a viable tool for you. You’ll need to get pretty efficient at Pinterest to maximize your benefit while minimizing the potential time-suck.

Helpful resources on the web for further reading and research:

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Hillary Byers, the Digital Marketing and Sales Manager for TrustWorkz, will be speaking on the power of the blog within a business.

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99 Incredible Slides (and facts) About The Future Of Business

I came across this incredible slide deck from SAP earlier this week and I wanted to share it today. Statistics are just so much more interesting when accompanied by compelling graphics. I also appreciate that the sources for these numbers are cited – you really have to be careful about where you get your statistics these days. We’re flooded with so much data lately and it’s getting much harder to separate the facts from the fiction.

I mention statistics from time to time but I’m not one to go off on a tangent in any particular direction based purely on the numbers. Data without brains is useless. By that I mean your brain, my brain…the brains of all those who are faced with making decisions for the future of their business. The numbers mean nothing until your mind, your experience, and your intuition are applied. Staying plugged-in and aware of what’s happening (something that I AM a big fan of and will speak about often) is where the magic happens.

Understanding where we’ve come from is probably more important that where we find ourselves today. This allows us to gain a proper perspective so that we can notice trends and movement in certain spaces. Then, we can decide on how to best use the data to place ourselves in the best possible position going forward.

Take some time to contemplate and consider what the statistics are showing us in the following slides today. Things are happening exponentially in the digital space and we owe it to our businesses to stay informed. I hope you find some valuable information here today that helps you to make great decisions for your future. Enjoy the slides…and share them with a friend or two who might find them useful!


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  • Experience in digital communications or online community building.  Relevant experience is taken into consideration.
  • Proficiency on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+), content management, measurement tools and analytics.
  • Have basic multimedia skills (photo and graphic design) and experience using visual mediums in social media.
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  • Be active and passionate about digital culture: it’s not just something you know, but an integral part of your daily life.
  • Demonstrate a strong attention to detail.
  • Sense of responsibility for providing excellent service for clients.
  • Self-starter requiring little supervision.
  • Able to work collaboratively with a group or individually.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Interacting with communities across all social media platforms. (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+)
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  • Contributing new ideas to ongoing social media strategy.


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Disruptive Technology – I Love You…And I Hate You

disruptive technology

As frustrated as I am myself right now with recent “advances” in technology and with questions aplenty, the title today is meant quite literally. I’d love to tell you that there is an easy path through it all,  paved with charts, diagrams, and other clues to help you along on your quest to become more stable and savvy in this disruptive landscape…but no. We pretty much just have to deal with it as it happens.

“…it is technology that drives and disrupts culture – including consumer behavior and business – and not the other way around.  Technology in this sense, is not about gadgets, it is about any new tools offering new functionality, reliability, convenience and cost efficiencies.  The opportunity for brands is to identify and harness new disruptive technologies with the capacity to create value for the business and the consumer.” – Paul Marsden on The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen

Let’s all just accept that there is a much larger game being played by the “big boys” on a much larger field than we could ever comprehend. Understand that the end-game is market share and profit (for them, not us) and that we, the lowly small business owners, barely rate as pawns. This by itself is hard to swallow because all we want for ourselves is to carve out enough success to thrive and survive in our own little world. Doubly frustrating because we can’t consider a serious marketing trajectory outside of what Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. will allow. They change their tune and we change our course or we suffer as the pariah.

“Deal with it” is not as harsh as it sounds, all I really want to convey is that you MUST stay plugged into what’s happening in the Internet marketing space. Your willingness to remain malleable and nimble - along with your courage to make changes and adapt will ABSOLUTELY set you apart from your competitors. Just be very aware that all of this change is happening at lightning speed and changing even faster exponentially as time goes on.

Here at TrustWorkz® we manage the web presence for many small business clients. Our director/COO and I make it our business to read 300+ posts and articles from thought and industry leaders daily to keep us informed about changes in the world of Internet marketing. The reading and staying plugged in is actually the easy part. Deciding whether or not a piece of information is relevant to our business model or if it will require us to make wholesale changes in our services and offerings is a lot more nerve racking.

A few examples from just the past several days:

With iOS 7, Siri Drops Google For Bing, Also Gains Twitter Search – Everyone was excited to upgrade their iPhones to iOS7, and so were we…but this little tidbit of unpublicized information about the upgrade is forcing us to evaluate the credibility of Bing going forward.

Did Facebook Just Kill Social Media Management? – Facebook just keeps making it harder for business page posts to show up in a Facebook fan’s news feed. As they adjust their algorithm we must strive to understand how Facebook’s EdgeRank impacts our client’s Facebook pages and adjust tactics accordingly.

Google to Encrypt ALL Keyword Searches: Say Goodbye to Keyword Data – We provide reporting to all of our clients, and they like to know how people are finding their website. What words and phrases people search for in order to land on a page is important data. We utilize this data as we create content for our clients. This little change leaves us no choice but to change some of the ways that we mine for this data and the ways that we will deliver reporting in the future.

See what I mean? This is just a few days’ worth of change and we as a company are faced with making decisions on a wholesale level that could affect our core services and clients. For the “I love you” part of the tittle I will say this: These are truly exciting times to be in business. Never before is history have there been so many options and opportunities that enable small businesses to excel and set ourselves apart and ahead of the competition. The Internet and technology are like a box of chocolates…right?


As I said above, staying plugged in is paramount. For myself, I find that Zite is a superb and invaluable tool to stay on top of what’s happening. Zite is a free app available for iPhone and Android. Once you go through the easy set up process, the app’s intuitive nature gets smarter as you use it. You tell it what you’re interested in and it delivers the best content available to keep you informed…seriously, give it a try. Dedicate a little time each day to scan through what’s happening out there. You will then be better equipped with information needed to make wise decisions.

We can’t change the disruptive nature of the Internet and technology, but we can definitely choose not to remain ignorant of the status quo as it morphs and evolves.

Internet Marketing – Why Most Small Businesses Just Can’t Seem To Get It Right – Part 3 of 3

Internet Marketing AdviceSo I’ll wrap this up with one more type and then I’ll add some actionable bullet points. Be sure to check into part 1 and part 2 if you’re just joining in.

Scatterbrained And Confronted With Shiny Objects

If you don’t fall into another category you’ll most assuredly fall into this one. You see it, you get the phone calls, and you are confronted relentlessly with all of the endless options and promises made by every company offering a product or a service. You also know that it’s unwise to refuse to embrace all of this “new” marketing in some way, somehow.

It’s not a bad thing to have options, and it’s not uncommon to want to try some of what is offered. It’s also not uncommon to have limited patience with it all. We’re all small business owners searching for the correct path through the mire and we all just want to stay alive in business for just another day. Trying out new things and throwing all that we can muster and afford against the wall to see what sticks is natural too. Clarity and focus are golden, but in today’s online marketing landscape these two things are rare and more precious than diamonds.

Stay the course, while some results can be realized quickly, overall strength and stability require consistency and patience.

In these last posts I’ve simply tried to apply a few “labels” that either all or in part apply to you where might be in all of this right now. Knowing, accepting, and understanding where you are out of the gate and where you want to go are paramount to the success of your digital marketing efforts. In all seriousness, having a sound plan and a clear path plotted out will set you ahead of the pack in almost all of the ways that will ultimately matter.

Take the time to step back and take a look at the big picture before you go “all in” with your Internet marketing efforts. Think about and formulate a strategy first, then drill down and become as proficient as possible with the tools and tactics that you settle on. A few tips and reminders:

  • Slow down, have a plan…actually plot out and map a strategy based on accepted best practices as you understand them.
  • Pick your battles…based on what you discern that your competitors and peers are doing.
  • Set clear objectives and goals, both long and short term.
  • Understand the online behaviors and chosen channels of your target audience.
  • Use only the best and most relevant tools.
  • Stay the course, while some results can be realized quickly, overall strength and stability require consistency and patience.
  • Set benchmarks early; know which key performance indicators matter and how to measure them.
  • Don’t be headstrong and committed to things that are clearly not working, go back to the beginning and reevaluate everything…often.
  • Measure, assess, and adjust should become your new mantra.
  • If you need help, do your homework and find the right people to work with. Stick with those that look more like “partners” and that exude empathy and have a proven track record and happy clients.

If you’d like for us to have a look at your current efforts from outside of your forest…we’d be happy to do so at no charge to you. It might help you to have an honest assessment that’s tempered with intuition, experience, and from a different perspective. Sound good? Just fill out this simple form and someone will get in touch with you ASAP!

Pressgram – A Powerful New Photo Sharing App (Super-Useful For Business Blogs)

Today was supposed to be part 3 of my series entitled Internet Marketing – Why Most Small Businesses Just Can’t Seem To Get It Right. I will post the conclusion next week. Something happened yesterday that I think is pretty exciting and I just had to share it!

PressgramI was invited early to be a supporter (I didn’t make the cut to be a beta tester) of a new concept in online photo sharing/publishing. It’s called Pressgram and it just became available to the public yesterday! It’s a lot like Instagram in the way that it functions but there are some major fundamental deviations that make all the difference.

Instagram is great and I’m a huge fan. It allows for connections to be made and the sharing of your filtered images (lots of really cool filters onboard for you to tweak your pics with) to Facebook and Twitter is very simple…but that’s about the extent of it. What makes Pressgram really special is that it’s a publishing app first. Pressgram allows you to publish your images to your self-hosted WordPress site or to as well as Facebook and Twitter. The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. It took no time at all to master the app. I’ve been using it for one day and I’m already a pro…and I’m already a big fan of Pressgram.

“Capture your photos, add a filter, and then publish to a self-hosted .org and site! Then share your photos with your social network and follow your friends via our passionate and growing community!”

Pressgram Features

This ability to post your images to your blog is a big deal. I see this as a very valuable new tool for businesses that have a blog because it allows for a level of spontaneity previously unheard of. Being able to capture and filter an image on your phone (only available for iPhone for now) and then pushing the image to your blog in real-time opens up some exciting possibilities. Along with the image you can add a description…which will be the message posted with the image. You can also post a title…which will become the blog post title, and you can add tags and categories to keep everything neatly organized and optimized.

Think about this for a sec. Let’s say you are a landscaper just finishing up a job. How nice to be able to share a pic of the finished project to your fans, followers, and blog readers! Let’s say you own a skating rink and you’re having a big event, how cool to be able to share images of the event as it’s happening on your blog! What about a cabin rental business? Wouldn’t it be nice to post a sunset picture off of the back deck of one of your properties as it happens? There is real potential with the Pressgram app and you should visit the Pressgram site to learn more or download the app as soon as possible! This is your chance to get in as an early adopter on something that is sure to have a major impact. Find me when you get there, just search for NotEasyToForget…I’ll be sure to follow you back!

Pressgram Propaganda Poster

Poster above by Dane Ault can be purchased here.

Internet Marketing – Why Most Small Businesses Just Can’t Seem To Get It Right – Part 2 of 3

Internet Marketing AdviceLast week I published part 1 of this series, if you’re just tuning in you might want to have a look at last week’s post to catch up. My intent is to identify the most common problems and pitfalls that small business owners experience while trying to grow and manage their web presence. My hope is that some of what I say resonates with you and that you find some clarity…because none of us like to waste precious time and money.

I’ve already identified spreading yourself too thin and keeping up with the Joneses as two of the most common problems that I see when talking to business owners. We’ll look at a few more things today and then I will finish up with part 3 on Friday.

Knowing Just Enough To Be Dangerous

Just enough knowledge paired with great intent often makes for a very convoluted and frustrating state of affairs. This type of person is very similar to those that are spreading themselves too thin but there is a fundamental difference that makes this type of business owner one of the most damaging to himself. The difference is stubbornness.

Some of the more noticeable characteristics in these individuals:

  • Usually a quick study and loves to learn
  • Makes decisions quickly, impatient
  • Has enjoyed some level of success from their efforts
  • Thinking one has found the Holy Grail and going “all-in” with a specific tool or tactic…for a time. Then reverting back to an older tool or tactic, abandoning all else. Rinse. Repeat.

The main problem here stems from the lack of a well thought out strategy PRIOR to jumping into things. Compounding this is usually a failure to follow through due to lack of patience. Pairing this person with a knowledgeable mentor can usually straighten some of this out if a trust based relationship can develop. Having a well thought out linear strategy and setting goals and objectives is paramount to a successful Internet Marketing effort. These folks really are smart enough to be successful…if you can get the dangerous edges softened a little.

Believing In Unicorns

There are those that believe in the old ways…the more “traditional ways” of getting your message out there. I’m not necessarily saying that people are stuck with “traditional” marketing methods like print, television, billboards, and the like, though there are certainly some that fit this mold. What I mean is that there is a multitude that exists that sees all of these “new” marketing channels and tools as merely a different way to broadcast the same old tired message.

These view these new tools and tactics as merely an opportunity to push out and broadcast a one way and one sided message with no thought for the new and dynamic ways that one might truly connect with their audience. Not willing to embrace change and become more innovative and progressive, these are doomed to fade away prematurely.

Sticking your head in the sand and pretending all of this is not happening isn’t prudent. Adopting a new attitude of acceptance and a resolve towards learning more about how Internet marketing works in today’s world can go a long way towards correctly aligning your efforts. Start by having a closer look at what your competitors are doing online and learn more about what it takes to emulate them in their efforts. I think that you’ll discover that the “new” ways aren’t so bad and that you can become competitive with less effort than you think.

Stop back by Friday for part 3 of 3. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to use the comment section below, we’d love to have some dialog on the topic with you!

If you’d like for us to have a look at your current efforts from outside of your forest…we’d be happy to do so at no charge to you. It might help you to have an honest assessment that’s tempered with intuition, experience, and from a different perspective. Sound good? Just fill out this simple form and someone will get in touch with you ASAP!


Internet Marketing – Why Most Small Businesses Just Can’t Seem To Get It Right – Part 1 of 3

Internet Marketing AdviceMost…I said most. For the record: I have met many small business owners that are doing a great job with their online marketing without any help from anyone. It has been my experience though, that the majority of small businesses are wasting huge amounts of time and money in an effort to “get it right”. Today I simply want to point out a few of the main factors that are responsible for this frustrating state of affairs. This is part 1; parts 2 and 3 will be posted next week. Check back in to see where it is that you might fit in to all of this and what you can do to fix it.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

I’ve consulted with small business owners for many, many years. More than a few of the small business owners that I’ve dealt with have come to the conclusion that everyone out there who offers a product or a service to help them with their Internet marketing are only out to take their money and lock them into a contract. I won’t argue that the marketplace isn’t full of charlatans. I’d say that the majority of you have been robbed and have a bad taste in your mouth. This has left many business owners to feel like he/she must fend for themselves.

The natural instinct is to dive in and learn as much as possible about search engine optimization (SEO), link building, content creation, and social media marketing. All of this learning is of course in an effort to equip yourself to handle it all on your own. So now you’ve added yet another hat to wear and you feel like it’s all on you to carve out Internet marketing success for yourself.

Here’s the rub: You can’t stay plugged in enough to stay current and on top of all the changes taking place on the Internet…these changes take place daily, literally. In order to acquire the proper wisdom and intuition to become proficient, you must dedicate many hours a day towards becoming a professional digital marketing guru.

Quite simply, what happens is that the thing you do for a living, that experience and passion you bring to the table to insure that you are both better and different than all of your competitors…it suffers from lack of attention. Or, you start to become lazy and complacent about your digital marketing efforts and it suffers.

You’ll feel the impact of the first almost immediately. It is likely that you will quickly go back to being that “you” that everyone loves and covets and you’ll let all that digital marketing mumbo-jumbo fall by the wayside.

What you’ll end up with is a web presence that looks and feels neglected or abandoned.

Since your web presence is often the front door to your business for many would-be customer, consider the perception of those that find your web presence in shambles. They simply click “back” in their browser and they move on to investigate your competitors.  You lose money, the end.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Many small businesses feel obligated to look in on what their competitors and neighbors are doing online. This is very normal and I do hope that everyone is keeping an eye on the competition. The problems start when you feel compelled to emulate what someone else is doing in an effort to catch up somehow. This, to me, is a problem with perception.

Are the people that show up ahead of you in a Google search really making more money? Maybe, but in most cases, especially in a hyper-local market between local businesses, probably not. In fact, that guy might be spending a bit more than you on something that’s only effective at getting that higher Google placement. His website still sucks and it probably doesn’t convert searchers into customers. Or it’s old and dated and just looks silly or thrown together. Since that guy is a lot like you and probably as lost as you might be…you certainly don’t want to match his efforts and spending. You see where I’m headed here?

What about all of those services (yes, I mean the big boys like Kudzu, ReachLocal,, etc., ad infinitum.) that call and email you on a daily basis with their pitches and promises? Being big and well known doesn’t mean they necessarily deliver any value whatsoever. Are your competitors using one or more of these? Do you feel like you should jump onboard with these? Just be sure to ask yourself if their service will actually reach and engage your desired demographic. Ask for local references and check them out thoroughly before signing on. It might be helpful to you to download our free white paper if you’d like to know about several best practices that ARE worth emulating.

Stop back by next week for parts 2 and 3. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to use the comment section below, we’d love to have some dialog on the topic with you!

If you’d like for us to have a look at your current efforts from outside of your forest…we’d be happy to do so at no charge to you. It might help you to have an honest assessment that’s tempered with intuition, experience, and from a different perspective. Sound good? Just fill out this simple form and someone will get in touch with you ASAP!

Content Marketing – The Haves and the Have Nots

Content Marketing InsightIt’s a fact; you fit squarely into one of the two camps. You either realize the benefits of creating original content for your web presence and you put forth the effort to create it…or you do not. I suppose that there could be a third group – those that realize the need for and the benefits of content marketing but simply don’t have the time or the know how to get it done.

78% of Chief Marketing Officers think that content is the future of marketing. Experience has taught me much, and I am definitely one of those CMOs. Content (and by content I mean blog posts, videos, white papers, newsletters, tweets, Facebook updates, and any other original content created by you that is meant for consumption by the masses via the Internet) is the catalyst that allows you the privilege to throw yourself into the mix. If you’re not creating content you can’t even consider yourself a serious competitor on the playing field. Without content your web presence is already suffering the consequences of being trapped in a hopeless death spiral.

For those in the third group, there’s hope for you yet. Companies like ours are ready, willing, and able to help you to build your web presence up to a respectable and competitive place where you can gain real traction and results for your efforts and investment. Contact us or request a free website analysis today and we’ll gladly help you to get the ball rolling.

For those of you in the second camp who don’t realize the benefit of creating original content: I wanted to share a few stats and informative pieces here to help you along. Enjoy the following video and infographics…I sincerely hope that you find some inspiration and motivation today.

The State Of Content Marketing 2013


The Anatomy Of Content Marketing

Sources: The Drum, Salesforce, InboundWriter