How to Go LIVE on Facebook 101 – #AskAWebOp Ep 51

Did you notice the prominent placement of the LIVE button on your Facebook app? Live streaming is going mainstream and if your small business wants to make it a success, there are some steps you will want to take in order to attract the right kind of attention (and keep it)! Episode 51 of #AskAWebOp […]

We’re Celebrating 50 Episodes of #AskAWebOp!

Join us for our 50th episode of #AskAWebOp! Do you have questions for our WebOps? Ask us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the #AskAWebOp hashtag.

Our Social Media Mantras – #AskAWebOp Ep 49

One of the most essential parts of creating a social media strategy is to have some parameters for yourself and your team. A social media mission can help your strategy stay in the right direction, even if you have multiple voices (people) contributing. Kelsey and Taylor discuss their social media mantras that help build community, […]

Search Experience Optimization for Small Business – #AskAWebOp Ep 48

SEO. It typically stands for Search Engine Optimization. We discuss how we also look at SEO as an acronym for Search Experience Optimization. It’s a slightly different perspective on Internet marketing, but one that is extremely important to the future (and current state) of small businesses being found today. Watch episode 48 of #AskAWebOp and […]

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories – #AskAWebOp Ep 47

Instagram stirred up some controversy last week with their new app update as they went toe to toe with Snapchat. What’s new? Snapchat Stories, an important feature to Snapchat’s functionality, was mimicked by the Facebook owned Instagram. There are many similarities, for sure. Although Snapchat might be upset, Kelsey and Taylor think that there might […]

Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing for Small Businesses – Which Is Better? #AskAWebOp Ep 46

Small businesses frequently ask us for our opinion on Internet marketing versus traditional marketing. Of course we’re slightly biased, but we believe it’s for good reasons. Most people do not remember or know, but TrustWorkz was born out of a traditional marketing company before branching off. This has instilled a deep respect for print advertising […]

TrustWorkz Visits Yext in NYC – #AskAWebOp Ep 45

When you have a partner that plays a role in nearly 100% of your customers’ web presences, you fly up to NYC to ask them a few questions. TrustWorkz loves partnering with Yext to help us secure data, optimize listings, and manage reputations for our customers. Chad Arango from Yext was kind enough to sit […]