5 Keys to FEC & Park Marketing Success in 2017

Have you ever heard the phrase, “marketers ruin everything”? When you sit back and think, it becomes undeniably true. Whether it’s TV ads, print ads, or even Facebook, marketers love to take advantage of an opportunity and squeeze every possible dollar out of it. Hey, it’s our job! As 2017 approaches, most FECs (family entertainment […]

Costly Decisions: Websites for Multi-Location FECs

Unlike single location family entertainment centers, multi-location and franchises have a variety of options when it comes to setting up their websites. Should each location have their own URL, subdomain versus sub directory (atlanta.example.com versus example.com/atlanta), and should each location have the same look and feel? The choice you make can play a major role […]

Are Trampoline Parks Missing Out on Marketing Gold?

The trampoline park industry is relatively young. Their youth has allowed them to stay flexible, test new concepts, and also attract rapid growth. You could even say that their growth has pushed the family entertainment industry as a whole to evolve as well. While many things about the trampoline park industry are new and exciting, […]

What Happens After a Customer Leaves Your Site

Online visibility is only half of the battle. It’s usually won through a mixture of search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising (social media ads, Google AdWords, etc), email marketing, and a strong social media strategy. All of these disciplines come together to make up your web presence. … But what happens when a potential customer […]

There’s More Noise – Don’t Give Up, Get Better

Only about 1% of Internet users actually create content. That means that there is a massive opportunity for your small business to create, share, and promote content because 99 of 100 people are just sitting there waiting to consume it. Many small businesses are creating content, but most will also tell you that they haven’t […]

5 Big Reasons Why You Don’t Show Up in Google Map Listings

Family Entertainment Centers that are concerned about their Internet marketing always want to know how to show up on Google’s map listings (map pack). These listings appear when a Google user searches with local intent (ie. Family entertainment center in City, State.) If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, view the image below.  Local listings […]

10 Mind Melting Mobile Marketing Metrics from 2014

In 2012, the Internet research firm, comScore, presented data stating that mobile users would surpass desktop users by 2014. Well, they were correct! The world witnessed mobile Internet usage takeover desktop as early as February 2014 according to Nielson. It has almost been a full year since this data was published. Although the mobile revolution […]