It’s Hard For An Old Dude To Market To These Kids In Ugly Clothes

Do you know exactly who makes up your target market? What demographic does your product or service appeal to the most? Have you ever really considered whether or not you yourself are a part of that same audience and demographic? I ask because it is supremely important as a business owner that you really understand […]

36 Rules Of Social Media For Business (Infographic)

I was reminded about this particular Infographic today by a Facebook post from Kevin Ekmark. The Infographic itself is actually pretty old by Internet standards (over a year) but it is still very relevant. The smart folks over at Ultralinx really did a superb job collecting the information from reputable social media pundits and putting this together […]

A Positive Digital Footprint and Reputation Management For Your Business

Digital Footprint – This is pretty much exactly what you’d imagine it to be, an indelible and permanent digital impression that exists on the Internet that represents you and your company. The mere mention of the word “permanent” should be enough to warrant your pro-active participation in the management of your digital footprint. Unfortunately, for […]

Feeling Late To The Social Media Party?

There’s no doubt about it, many people have a much better understanding of the way things used to be. Personally, I’m old enough to be quite sentimental about a great many things. My desk is currently covered in Post-it notes, and this takes me back to a more familiar time when these were the coolest thing since […]

NOT A Rumor – Social Media Affects Your SEO – Infographic

We here at TrustWorkz® spend a great deal of time explaining to our clients (and would-be clients) how social media activity has a direct impact on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. There has always been a myriad of tactics that have been utilized to increase your website’s chances of showing up in the […]

What Do Women Know About Running A Business Anyway? (Infographic)

I’m actually not picking on the ladies here today, far from it. Women business owners represent the fastest growing segment of the economy; I personally find it extremely prudent to pay very close attention to this segment. (A humble hat tip to all of my lady friends who are my colleagues and peers, I owe […]

Social Media Marketing Work Flow – How Much Time To Invest (Infographic)

I found an infographic last week and it really drove home a point that I wanted to share with you today: Social media marketing takes time. This is especially true if it is done correctly. Consequently, social media is not free…it never really has been. The advent and acceptance of social media drove polarity among […]