What’s the ROI of a Snapchat On Demand Geofilter?

Many small businesses are turned off from using Snapchat or Instagram Stories because they only last 24 hours. Before we dive into Geofilters, it’s important to clear this hurdle or it’s not worth your time to move forward (just being honest). The power of Snapchat is that: With only 24 hours to see what you […]

What Over 100 Marketing Reports Taught Us

Before we partner with a new family entertainment center, we run an analysis of their current web presence. We do this for a few reasons: Benchmark where the customer’s web presence is before partnering with TrustWorkz Set future goals and KPI’s to measure our success When we went to Las Vegas for the Roller Skating […]

Find Out if Your Website Is Mobile Friendly or Not – Episode 6 #AskAWebOp

Mobile Friendliness Matters I realize that we have been beating the idea of mobile friendliness into our readers’ heads for the past few years, but it’s an extremely important topic. Google and Bing gave everyone almost a 3 year heads up that mobile friendly formats for websites mattered, and Google is making a major push […]

Website Design Is All About User Experience

Whether we like it or not, Google, Apple, and Facebook have dictated the way we market our businesses online. Personally, I think that most of the changes are for the best. Their updates are based on real time data that they receive from how you and I use their products everyday. It should be pretty […]

10 Mind Melting Mobile Marketing Metrics from 2014

In 2012, the Internet research firm, comScore, presented data stating that mobile users would surpass desktop users by 2014. Well, they were correct! The world witnessed mobile Internet usage takeover desktop as early as February 2014 according to Nielson. It has almost been a full year since this data was published. Although the mobile revolution […]

Google Now Shows Whether Sites Are Mobile Friendly or Not in Search Results

Google has finally announced, after years of speculation and a few months of testing, that they would highlight in mobile search results whether a website was mobile friendly or not. This distinction will provide businesses that have a mobile friendly website a visual advantage in search engine results. The roll out of the update has […]

Watch or Download the Webinar – Why Mobile Friendly Web Design Matters

Party Center Software invited us to join them for their webinar on August 26, 2014. The webinar focused on why mobile friendly design matters for businesses in the family entertainment industry. Our goal was to explain how your business can boost revenues and attendance by improving the user experience on your website and party booking […]