Content Marketing – The Haves and the Have Nots

Content Marketing InsightIt’s a fact; you fit squarely into one of the two camps. You either realize the benefits of creating original content for your web presence and you put forth the effort to create it…or you do not. I suppose that there could be a third group – those that realize the need for and the benefits of content marketing but simply don’t have the time or the know how to get it done.

78% of Chief Marketing Officers think that content is the future of marketing. Experience has taught me much, and I am definitely one of those CMOs. Content (and by content I mean blog posts, videos, white papers, newsletters, tweets, Facebook updates, and any other original content created by you that is meant for consumption by the masses via the Internet) is the catalyst that allows you the privilege to throw yourself into the mix. If you’re not creating content you can’t even consider yourself a serious competitor on the playing field. Without content your web presence is already suffering the consequences of being trapped in a hopeless death spiral.

For those in the third group, there’s hope for you yet. Companies like ours are ready, willing, and able to help you to build your web presence up to a respectable and competitive place where you can gain real traction and results for your efforts and investment. Contact us or request a free website analysis today and we’ll gladly help you to get the ball rolling.

For those of you in the second camp who don’t realize the benefit of creating original content: I wanted to share a few stats and informative pieces here to help you along. Enjoy the following video and infographics…I sincerely hope that you find some inspiration and motivation today.

The State Of Content Marketing 2013


The Anatomy Of Content Marketing

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