Pressgram – A Powerful New Photo Sharing App (Super-Useful For Business Blogs)

Today was supposed to be part 3 of my series entitled Internet Marketing – Why Most Small Businesses Just Can’t Seem To Get It Right. I will post the conclusion next week. Something happened yesterday that I think is pretty exciting and I just had to share it!

PressgramI was invited early to be a supporter (I didn’t make the cut to be a beta tester) of a new concept in online photo sharing/publishing. It’s called Pressgram and it just became available to the public yesterday! It’s a lot like Instagram in the way that it functions but there are some major fundamental deviations that make all the difference.

Instagram is great and I’m a huge fan. It allows for connections to be made and the sharing of your filtered images (lots of really cool filters onboard for you to tweak your pics with) to Facebook and Twitter is very simple…but that’s about the extent of it. What makes Pressgram really special is that it’s a publishing app first. Pressgram allows you to publish your images to your self-hosted WordPress site or to as well as Facebook and Twitter. The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. It took no time at all to master the app. I’ve been using it for one day and I’m already a pro…and I’m already a big fan of Pressgram.

“Capture your photos, add a filter, and then publish to a self-hosted .org and site! Then share your photos with your social network and follow your friends via our passionate and growing community!”

Pressgram Features

This ability to post your images to your blog is a big deal. I see this as a very valuable new tool for businesses that have a blog because it allows for a level of spontaneity previously unheard of. Being able to capture and filter an image on your phone (only available for iPhone for now) and then pushing the image to your blog in real-time opens up some exciting possibilities. Along with the image you can add a description…which will be the message posted with the image. You can also post a title…which will become the blog post title, and you can add tags and categories to keep everything neatly organized and optimized.

Think about this for a sec. Let’s say you are a landscaper just finishing up a job. How nice to be able to share a pic of the finished project to your fans, followers, and blog readers! Let’s say you own a skating rink and you’re having a big event, how cool to be able to share images of the event as it’s happening on your blog! What about a cabin rental business? Wouldn’t it be nice to post a sunset picture off of the back deck of one of your properties as it happens? There is real potential with the Pressgram app and you should visit the Pressgram site to learn more or download the app as soon as possible! This is your chance to get in as an early adopter on something that is sure to have a major impact. Find me when you get there, just search for NotEasyToForget…I’ll be sure to follow you back!

Pressgram Propaganda Poster

Poster above by Dane Ault can be purchased here.

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