Great Social Media Advertising Tools to Jump On Now! – Episode 8 #AskAWebOp

Remember when email was all the rage and you couldn’t wait to sign into AOL to hear, “You’ve got mail”? It was only a few years ago that email open rates for businesses were above 80%, but then we grew weary of Groupon, chain emails forwarded from your parents, and that royal family from a far away land that left you millions of dollars (hopefully you never gave up you banking information to them).

While email can still be a strong play for your Internet marketing strategy, it just doesn’t have the reach that it once did a few years ago. If you were one of the lucky ones to jump into email marketing when open rates were through the roof, you know how powerful being first to a new strategy can be for your business.

In episode 8 of #AskAWebOp, Kevin covers a few of the social media advertising platforms that you should investigate for your business.

If you’re looking for a leg up on your local competition, watch (or listen in the background) as Kevin points out a few advantages to each platform.

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About Kevin Ekmark

Kevin is a founding partner at TrustWorkz, Inc. He also blogs about marketing and leadership on his personal website. You can follow along or contact Kevin on Twitter via @KevinEkmark or on LinkedIn.