Outsourcing Your Content Creation, Who Does That?

When it comes to outsourcing content creation, many of the reports, statistics, and the resulting data that we hear about come from much larger companies. I want to point out some data today that pertains to smaller companies as well. As a bonus, much of the really interesting data has been assembled into the excellent […]

You Heard It Right: We INSIST on WordPress

Some consider it bold and presumptuous that we insist on websites built exclusively on the WordPress platform for all of our clients. We take this authoritative stance on WordPress for our clients because it is absolutely appropriate, and therefore not as presumptuous as the word “insist” might imply. As for bold…we’ll accept that. Today I […]

The Rising Water That Floats Your Little Boat: Google+

Thank goodness we are not forced to paddle upstream against the current. As a small business (any size business actually) we are being swept along with the ebb and flow as technology advances and best practices dictate. Friends, we are all subject to greater forces than ourselves. No matter your feelings for the likes of […]

Let’s Just Drop “Social Media”

I saw a tweet a few days ago from our very own Kevin Ekmark that bowled me over with its boldness and simplicity. I should leave it be, just let it lay there in all of its succinct beauty…but I really do feel like a deeper look could be useful. See what I mean? Bold, […]

How Much Dough For The SEO?

I don’t get asked often about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pricing and offerings from other companies and agencies, but there are 2 things worth noting here:   I imagine that YOU do care about such things. I absolutely keep a very close eye on what others in the industry are doing. With that said, […]