Are You Making Your Customers Work to Give You Money?

Family Entertainment Centers Making Money

Would you ever tell a customer that you didn’t want to take their money? That might sound ridiculous, but many family entertainment centers are making it hard for customers to pay them or even be customers in the first place.

Centers make it difficult for potential customers to convert over to paying guests, especially when it comes to adapting to the on-demand online world. Here are a few ways that you can stop leaving money on the table, and start letting more potential guests become customers for life.

Have Fun Making Money, Not Turning It Away

  1. Not Being Found Online: After serving a few hundred locations, we have a good grasp on how customers find FEC’s (family entertainment centers) and amusement parks. Even with the rise of mobile usage, Google delivers 60% to 80% of website traffic to our customers. This is, of course, data pulled long after TrustWorkz begins services.  Optimizing your website for search engines still matters, a lot. Make it easy for customers to find your center or park, and choose you over your competition.
  2. Keeping Accurate Online Listings: Whether your business has been running for decades or has yet to open, there’s a good chance that your online listings are inaccurate. If you are a new business moving into new retail space, your information could even be tied to the old renter or franchise. We often see this when FECs and multi family housing come under new ownership or are rebranded completely. Online listings have your company name, address, phone number, and hours. If this information is inaccurate, your customers are mislead and probably not impressed. Monitor your listings so that your customers can walk through your doors at the right time and at the right place.
  3. Ignoring Online Booking: You book your hotels online, you buy your gifts online, and you talk to your cable company customer service online. Why would you think that online booking for your FEC or amusement park would be any different? Watch your party bookings and reservations explode when you add online booking to your web presence. Online bookings will begin to pour in at all hours of the day, especially when you focus on being found, and correct your online listings. We’re living in an on demand world. Your customers want to book their parties on their own (valuable) time, in as little time as possible.
  4. New Ways to Pay: Why limit yourself to traditional forms of payment? Is it because this is the way we’ve always done things? Investigate card payments for your arcade instead of using tokens, which cost a fortune. When you begin looking for chip readers for credit card processing, why not look into mobile payment systems too? Rather than constantly playing catchup, let’s look forward to the next forms of money exchange so that we can make it easy for customers to engage with us.

Your focus should be on providing fun for your customers. Part of creating that experience means that you make it easy for your customer to find you and exchange money with your business.

Are you making it more difficult for your market to become actual customers? Contact TrustWorkz today to help create your Internet marketing strategy!

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