3 Ways You’re Destroying Your Social Media Presence

destroying your small business social media presenceSocial media marketing has quickly moved from something that anyone with a computer can do to a skilled art form. Actually, it has always been that way but those that lacked the skills could get by due to the sparkle of newness that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram once had with people. Now that the dust has settled, your social media marketing needs to be thoughtfully planned out to succeed.

This is exceptionally true when you look at newer networks like Snapchat where people are significantly more particular about who or what brand they follow. Other networks are following so that users can easily filter out the junk.

Your small business needs to be producing content, but you will need to avoid these 3 pitfalls if you want to stand out and not make it to the “ignored” list!

3 Dont’s for Small Business Social Media

  1. Sharing low quality content: The phone is now the first screen for people, not the TV. Assuming that the first interaction with your brand could quite possibly be online, wouldn’t you want to make the best impression possible? Small businesses that destroy their social media presence lack a focus on the quality of the content that they share online.
  2. Only pushing promotional content: One of the quickest ways to become ignored or unfollowed is to share only promotional content. In fact, Facebook thinks that this is such an issue that they updated their newsfeed algorithm in 2014 to limit promotional content shown to users.
  3. Lack of social media etiquette for each network: Know your audience, and know the social media network that you’re using to reach them. While sharing content frequently on Twitter might be a good idea, posting 10x within a few hours on Facebook will probably look obnoxious. Remember, rules were meant to be broken, so if you’re producing AMAZING (valuable) content, then test sharing at different times and at different amounts.

Ignoring social media isn’t an option, but abusing your presence is just as detrimental. If you don’t know how to create valuable content on a regular basis for a specific network, you need to learn or hire the right person or team that can help you.

Small businesses that succeed with their social media presence will position themselves to improve their sales numbers and weather the slow seasons that hurt so many others. Will you focus on creating valuable content for your customers?

Thank you so much for reading! It would mean the world to me if you Liked or shared this with your followers! If you have questions about your small business social media, request a quick analysis!

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