#60SecondFix Ep 5 – Balancing the Right Hooks You Throw

My name is Kevin Ekmark and this is your #60SecondFix.

Today what we’re going to talk about is throwing a lot of Right Hooks.

Right Hooks is a term that Gary Vaynerchuk coined. It’s known as that hardcore sales pitch, so basically you’re going in for the right hook trying to knock them out to make them a customer.

What we’re looking for when we try to gain new customers is that most of us are turned off by that tactic. If you pick up the phone and someone is trying to sell you something immediately, that just doesn’t work anymore. What we’re seeing on the digital side is anywhere between 10 and 19 interactions before someone becomes an actual paying customer.

We want to give them a few jabs first; which is the content, it’s value, it’s making sure that someone is gaining new insight from you and really figuring out who you are as a brand and why they should choose you.

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About Kevin Ekmark

Kevin is a founding partner at TrustWorkz, Inc. He also blogs about marketing and leadership on his personal website. You can follow along or contact Kevin on Twitter via @KevinEkmark or on LinkedIn.