99 Incredible Slides (and facts) About The Future Of Business

I came across this incredible slide deck from SAP earlier this week and I wanted to share it today. Statistics are just so much more interesting when accompanied by compelling graphics. I also appreciate that the sources for these numbers are cited – you really have to be careful about where you get your statistics these days. We’re flooded with so much data lately and it’s getting much harder to separate the facts from the fiction.

I mention statistics from time to time but I’m not one to go off on a tangent in any particular direction based purely on the numbers. Data without brains is useless. By that I mean your brain, my brain…the brains of all those who are faced with making decisions for the future of their business. The numbers mean nothing until your mind, your experience, and your intuition are applied. Staying plugged-in and aware of what’s happening (something that I AM a big fan of and will speak about often) is where the magic happens.

Understanding where we’ve come from is probably more important that where we find ourselves today. This allows us to gain a proper perspective so that we can notice trends and movement in certain spaces. Then, we can decide on how to best use the data to place ourselves in the best possible position going forward.

Take some time to contemplate and consider what the statistics are showing us in the following slides today. Things are happening exponentially in the digital space and we owe it to our businesses to stay informed. I hope you find some valuable information here today that helps you to make great decisions for your future. Enjoy the slides…and share them with a friend or two who might find them useful!


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