Facebook Organic Reach Just Received a Facelift

Did you think that Facebook organic reach was dead? You weren’t the only one.

In 2014, I wrote about Facebook’s promotional content guidelines. If you didn’t read it or need a refresher, it basically laid out that Facebook wanted brands and page owners to focus on producing value (entertain, edify, or educate) in their content instead of publishing promotional (sales) content. Over the next few months, Facebook would continue to tighten their quality standards.

The process of lowered organic reach lead to many businesses taking advantage of Facebook’s Ad Manager, which lets publishers pay to push their content to their target market.

As Facebook continues to build a better product and keep people within their ecosystem, their constant challenge has been to make their newsfeed better and better everyday. Facebook is invested in helping you (the small business or brand) reach your customer with quality content. Here’s how their most recent update will help you reach your target customer.

Facebook’s Organic Audience Optimization

Facebook Organic Targeting

We’re living in a world where content is flying at us from all different directions at all times. Your fight, as a small business owner, is to break through that noise and be seen. That should be your goal at the most simple level; brand awareness.

What we, consumers, really want is relevant content delivered to us. Facebook’s organic targeting is meant to help your business deliver relevant content to users that already like your page so that you can drive more engagement because you have added value to their newsfeed.

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