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James Ball On The AirI had the opportunity last week to get together with some of my Atlanta area marketing friends to record a marketing round-table. Like TrustWorkz®, these individuals are working with small business clients each and every day. They are also some of my most trusted and competent confidants…its always a privilege and the conversation and topics are always great. I’m thrilled that we’ve finally moved to record these events and I’m pleased to be able to share the very first one here with you today!

Click the play icon on the bar below to listen to the entire session:

Some of the important topics that we discussed:

  • What would be your best advice to a business so that they could leverage social media?
  • What do you see that businesses are doing wrong?
  • If you could only participate on ONE social network, what would it be and why?
  • Why is Google+ so confusing?
  • Which is more effective, Email marketing or social media marketing, and why?
  • How important is Klout and other “online influence” measurement systems?

Learn more about my friends by visiting their websites:

Carol Morgan, Marketing Relevance
Charity Hisle, Socially Engaged Marketing
Jonathan Saar, The Training Factor
and Todd Schnick, CEO of Dreamland and Intrepid

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