Why Engagement Rules Over Impressions

quality over quantity

When it comes to an old school marketing metric, nothing reigns supreme as much as “impressions”. Whether it’s a print ad, Google AdWords, or television ads, marketers love to talk about impressions. It’s a term that we have used too often to quantify results.

These numbers matter very little in the grand scheme of things. They have become what we call, a “vanity” metric. While impressions do play a role in marketing goals, there is a metric that is significantly more important than just eyes on your ads.

The only number that really matters is the engagement, or activity, that comes from your content.

Quality Over Quantity

In an ideal situation, you should be producing high quality content for your business often. Very often.

Businesses that are short on time and money should focus on producing quality over quantity. This is the situation that most family entertainment center owners face with limited staff and time.

Many local businesses have the potential to reach thousands of customers in their area through organic searches on Google or paid advertising with Facebook.

Over time, you want your content to begin to produce actions. A blog post that was written six weeks ago could lead to a booked birthday party today. A Facebook ad could be the tipping point for that parent that is looking for a last minute plan for their child’s party. A special offer could be the thing that pushes a corporation to book an event.

The one thing that will drive action is the quality of the message. Our eyes and ears are being fought over by brands across the world. Content that is compelling will drive action and increase sales.  

At the end of the day, quality content seen by a few people that drives action is far more valuable than content seen by thousands that doesn’t resonate.

Focus on pushing content that connects with your target audience. Build value, and grow your sales.

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