How Much Dough For The SEO?

I don’t get asked often about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pricing and offerings from other companies and agencies, but there are 2 things worth noting here:


  • I imagine that YOU do care about such things.
  • I absolutely keep a very close eye on what others in the industry are doing.

With that said, I’m excited about the opportunity to share this excellent infographic with you today. The graphic does a pretty good job with the data and is very telling indeed. The information itself comes from a survey conducted in December 2011 by the fine folks at SEOmoz. The data was then skillfully assembled into the infographic by AYTM Market Research.

**Click Image To View Full Size**

Cost of SEO - December 2011

Since you are here reading this on our TrustWorkz blog today, I assume that you are in the market for social media management, search engine optimization, or some other aspect of digital marketing. If this is in fact the case, please don’t miss out on the original article from SEOmoz that contained the infographic above. The additional information and their “Top 9 Takeaways” on the topic are well worth a look.

It’s great to see you doing your homework. If you have questions about how we might be able to help you grow your business, please feel free to contact us.

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