What’s the Best Social Platform? – Episode 1 #AskAWebOp

Episode 1 Transcript:

Hi everyone! I’m Taylor, I’m a WebOp at TrustWorkz, and I’m here to answer Jake Dudley’s question:

What are the top social media platforms to be on and why?”

The number one platform that you need to be on is your blog. If you’re not blogging, you need to be. It is basically investing into your own website, your own company, and it is the information hub for your business.

The second one is Facebook. Facebook is very important! We’re seeing in Google Analytics that Facebook is the leading source of referral traffic to your website. You want people to go to your website, so you need to be on Facebook! If you want to learn more about Facebook advertising’s custom audiences, tune in next week and Kevin will tell you all about it!

The third one we recommend you to be on is Twitter. Believe it or not, Twitter is great for making real time connections. It’s great as a listening tool to see what your audience is talking about (like your business), and even the local news! Twitter is also good as a customer service tool. Say someone has an issue,  they can tweet you and you can respond in real time.

Well that’s all we have for this week! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, hashtag “#AskAWebOp” and  we’ll answer your question!

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