Dental Practice Case Study

dentist case study

When assessing the success of our internet marketing campaigns for our clients, we prefer to compare time frame trends. This helps us take a deeper look into what is working, what isn’t, and what can be improved for our clients. When it came to helping Healthy Smiles of Georgia rank in one of the most affluent, and dental saturated neighborhoods in the country, we knew that nothing was more important for their long term strategy than a strong foundation of original content. After a year with TrustWorkz®, Healthy Smiles of Georgia has made dramatic improvements in keyword rankings and traffic.

Content Marketing for Dentists

For this case study, we looked at six (6) month intervals for comparison. When we build websites, we have a certain set of keywords that we are targeting for our clients. Throughout that process, we expand on those original keywords and build out long tail keywords. These help our clients be found for a greater variety of keywords used in internet searches.

Dental Internet Marketing Results

By taking a full year, and splitting the information in half to compare, we can see dramatic increases after more than a year of service with TrustWorkz®. Here are a few facts from a year’s worth of work with dental internet marketing.

dental marketing case study

We are obsessed with seeing fantastic data for our clients. Depending on the market and needs, some clients take longer than others to explode online, but we always see dramatic results. Healthy Smiles of Georgia is no exception. With an extremely competitive market, we knew that marketing the company correctly, without taking any shortcuts, would help the dental practice in the long run. Here are a few stats from the last 6 months:

  • Visits: 3,063 (+73%)
  • Page Views: 5,763 (+66%)
  • Search Referrals: 1,647 (+73%)
  • Keywords: 650 +

As you can tell, our content marketing strategy has helped our dental client dramatically improve his results over the past year. By pursuing quality content marketing over quantity content marketing, our client has been able to secure solid first page rankings for the majority of his targeted keywords.

If you’re interested in increasing your exposure online and increasing the quality of internet leads, contact TrustWorkz® today!


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