Internet Marketing – Why Most Small Businesses Just Can’t Seem To Get It Right – Part 2 of 3

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Internet Marketing AdviceLast week I published part 1 of this series, if you’re just tuning in you might want to have a look at last week’s post to catch up. My intent is to identify the most common problems and pitfalls that small business owners experience while trying to grow and manage their web presence. My hope is that some of what I say resonates with you and that you find some clarity…because none of us like to waste precious time and money.

I’ve already identified spreading yourself too thin and keeping up with the Joneses as two of the most common problems that I see when talking to business owners. We’ll look at a few more things today and then I will finish up with part 3 on Friday.

Knowing Just Enough To Be Dangerous

Just enough knowledge paired with great intent often makes for a very convoluted and frustrating state of affairs. This type of person is very similar to those that are spreading themselves too thin but there is a fundamental difference that makes this type of business owner one of the most damaging to himself. The difference is stubbornness.

Some of the more noticeable characteristics in these individuals:

  • Usually a quick study and loves to learn
  • Makes decisions quickly, impatient
  • Has enjoyed some level of success from their efforts
  • Thinking one has found the Holy Grail and going “all-in” with a specific tool or tactic…for a time. Then reverting back to an older tool or tactic, abandoning all else. Rinse. Repeat.

The main problem here stems from the lack of a well thought out strategy PRIOR to jumping into things. Compounding this is usually a failure to follow through due to lack of patience. Pairing this person with a knowledgeable mentor can usually straighten some of this out if a trust based relationship can develop. Having a well thought out linear strategy and setting goals and objectives is paramount to a successful Internet Marketing effort. These folks really are smart enough to be successful…if you can get the dangerous edges softened a little.

Believing In Unicorns

There are those that believe in the old ways…the more “traditional ways” of getting your message out there. I’m not necessarily saying that people are stuck with “traditional” marketing methods like print, television, billboards, and the like, though there are certainly some that fit this mold. What I mean is that there is a multitude that exists that sees all of these “new” marketing channels and tools as merely a different way to broadcast the same old tired message.

These view these new tools and tactics as merely an opportunity to push out and broadcast a one way and one sided message with no thought for the new and dynamic ways that one might truly connect with their audience. Not willing to embrace change and become more innovative and progressive, these are doomed to fade away prematurely.

Sticking your head in the sand and pretending all of this is not happening isn’t prudent. Adopting a new attitude of acceptance and a resolve towards learning more about how Internet marketing works in today’s world can go a long way towards correctly aligning your efforts. Start by having a closer look at what your competitors are doing online and learn more about what it takes to emulate them in their efforts. I think that you’ll discover that the “new” ways aren’t so bad and that you can become competitive with less effort than you think.

Stop back by Friday for part 3 of 3. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to use the comment section below, we’d love to have some dialog on the topic with you!

If you’d like for us to have a look at your current efforts from outside of your forest…we’d be happy to do so at no charge to you. It might help you to have an honest assessment that’s tempered with intuition, experience, and from a different perspective. Sound good? Just fill out this simple form and someone will get in touch with you ASAP!



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