ZAP: Website Design & Paid Ads Case Study

The Challenge

Zone Action Park (ZAP) is a family entertainment center in a small Texas town that needed a solution to seasonal drops in sales. Customers weren’t purchasing admission to their most popular attractions, go-karts and mini-golf. ZAP reached out to TrustWorkz to improve revenue during their slow season.

The Solution

ZAP worked closely with TrustWorkz last fall to design a user-friendly, responsive website where customers could learn about their attractions, scope out specials, and book birthday parties. The ease of online booking is a major selling point in today’s digital age, but ZAP was tired of giving a percentage to the big-name coupon sites. They trusted us to utilize the e-commerce model effectively to generate new sources of direct revenue. We designed DealWorkz, a platform that allows customers to purchase deals onsite and redeem them later, putting 100% of the profits directly into the business owner’s bank account at the time of purchase.

The Deal

We offered ZAP customers two hours of unlimited go-karting and mini-golf, plus game points to use in the arcade. By setting a competitive price and leveraging spring break sales with a robust paid ads strategy, we generated more than $14,000 in gross sales for Zone Action Park exclusively through the DealWorkz promotion in March. This combination of e-commerce deals and paid advertising has them on track to generate thousands of dollars in revenue each month via DealWorkz.

The Data

(March 1-31, 2018)

  • More than $14,000 in gross sales onsite
  • 409 orders placed
  • 667 deals purchased
  • 3,238 deal views
  • Site traffic increased 146%
  • Site sessions (repeat visitors) increased 166%
  • Bounce rate decreased & session duration increased
  • Over 14X return on investment

The Deal Works

“We decided to work with TrustWorkz to improve how well we were found online. After three months of continually improved rankings, we are solidly in the Google Map Pack and rank number 1 on most and in the top three searches for the rest of our attractions.

“TrustWorkz then suggested that we install DealWorkz and begin a Facebook ad campaign. That combination gave us the perfect combination and the timing could not have been better. DealWorkz has pre-sold over 20k in 3 months.

“We are so pleased with our results and look forward to continued improvements in 2018!”

Because of their success with DealWorkz, ZAP reached out to TrustWorkz for a more comprehensive digital marketing plan to further promote onsite sales. Going forward, we will utilize CouponWorkz in conjunction with DealWorkz to generate even more direct revenue for Zone Action Park.


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