3 Reasons Why Paid Ads Are The Future of Social Marketing

Paid ads are nothing new, but using them to increase your social media following can be vital to your digital strategy! Depending on the platform, Paid Advertising can help expose your brand to both users unfamiliar with your product/service and those who may have shopped with or visited your business before! Paid ads have existed in many forms since the start of advertising, from advertisements in newspapers, murals on the sides of buildings, and later radio and television commercials! Now, with the majority of consumer attention shifting to digital platforms, paid ads are making their presence known on social media! 

  1. Paid advertising pushes your content to the top! 


The most beneficial part of utilizing paid advertising on social media is that it guarantees your content will be seen! When you pay for or sponsor a post online, the platform will promote your content to everyone it finds applicable, often targeting your ad to people who have shown interest in similar products or topics! Instead of searching for potential customers yourself, the social platforms will find them and promote your content to those most likely to engage with it! 


  1. Paid advertising encourages customers to take the next step


Instead of just showing your ad to potential customers, modern paid ads are interactive, encouraging users to click, sign up, or otherwise engage with another aspect of your business. The goal with these interactive ads is to “stop the scroll” and send traffic to your website or other information. If you can capture a user’s attention – even for just a few seconds – you’re halfway to a sale! Clickable picture ads are much more effective than traditional static ads, and encourage more engagement. 


  1. Paid advertising is versatile! 


Your paid ad can feature a product, advertise your business in general, or encourage users to follow your social page! Your paid ad can be anything you want, so you’re free to promote whatever you want! This versatility allows you to change ads on the fly, promote new products as soon as they’re available, or even target specific customers based on their browsing habits! 

If you’re looking to jump-start your company’s digital presence, there’s no better way to kick things off than with paid ads! Still confused by the complex world of digital advertising? Never fear, the experts at TrustWorkz are here to guide you


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