3 Great Topics to Kickstart Your Blog

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Blogging for your business is one of the best ways to build your web presence. Search engines love fresh and relevant content, and your customers will use it in their purchasing process. For these reasons alone, a blog is usually the first place I recommend a small business begins to build their web presence.

Small business owners understand that blogs are valuable to their business, however, many are held back by one big question; “What should I write?”

Whether you realize it or not, there are plenty of topics that your current and potential customers can use to help move them along the sales process. Here are three topics that you can use to form your blog content.

Answer a Frequently Asked Question: Consumers will go to Google and to your website seeking answers to questions about your services or products. It’s important that your business is the one that provides quality information instead of your competitor. You can use your blog as a resource which will add value through education.

Solve a Problem: Whether you provide a service or a product, your business (should) solve a problem that the consumer is having. Sometimes that problem (something we call a pain) is that their family can’t afford a vacation this year but they want to spend some time together as a family. Maybe your entertainment center is a great stay-cation option! Perhaps the consumer is having issues with clutter in their home, and your custom closet service is the perfect solution! Business blogs are a great way to expose a pain and then solve it for your soon-to-be customer!

Share Big News (Especially About Your Team): Do you have something exciting to announce? Did your business reach 100% satisfaction this month, or do you have a team member going to grad school? Humanizing your brand isn’t about trying to make your business sound more human, it’s about highlighting and empowering the people that make your business unique so that they can provide incredible experiences for your customers. When you share news about your team or internal successes, it provides your small business with the opportunity to highlight someone else other than the brand itself. As people, we love to read about people doing extraordinary things or making great achievements. Share their story!

Each one of our Web Operatives wrote the equivalent of 2-3 novels in 2015 for small business blogs. Clearly, small businesses have plenty to share with their local consumer. Find your blog topic and start sharing great content about your business!

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