An Easy Guide to Ad Retargeting for Small Business Owners [Infographic]

Have you ever visited a website, left it to go do something else, and then an ad for a product or service pops from that first site seems to follow you around on every new site you visit? That’s called ad retargeting, and it’s one of our favorite Internet marketing strategies to implement.

After speaking with small businesses throughout Atlanta and throughout the country, it’s clear that most owners aren’t sure what retargeting is and how it could help drive revenue for their business. There are many different ways that a local business could retarget, including website retargeting and geofence retargeting.

Website retargeting allows you to show ads throughout the Internet to people that have visited your website.

Geofence retargeting (a form of Geofencing ads), which has been made easier with smartphone adoption, allows businesses to show ads to people that have recently visited a certain area.

The goal of these types of ads is to stay fresh in the mind of your potential customer and lead them back to your website to take an action (purchase something, fill out a lead form, or make a phone call).

How Ad Retargeting Works for Small Businesses

Here’s an easy to understand infographic that walks you through the ad retargeting process.
Click to enlarge for a print friendly version. 

How Retargeting Works for Small Businesses


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