Are You Showing Your Customers the Love?

Part of why you love your parents is because they loved you first, brands need to do that.”
– Gary Vaynerchuk

One of the very first things that we examine when bringing on a new partner (customer) is whether they are adding value to their customers through their marketing or just selling tickets to the “ME” show. This is an essential part in our prospecting phase, which is where we discover whether we’re a good mutual fit for our partners or not.


Hit your customers with value over and over again. #marketing

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Where we begin

We start by dissecting the onsite experience. Does your website look like an online brochure, or is it a living, breathing organism that is updated frequently? Customers, along with search engines like Google, are looking for fresh content. Unfortunately, the hype about content marketing has lead to many brands developing content that centers around sales first and the customer second last.

A healthy website that attracts new customers and engages them into a purchase proposition focuses on building content that provides value for the customer first and foremost. The goal is to write and share content that is so good that your customer has no idea that they are being pulled into your sales funnel. This, of course, requires effort and thoughtfulness. Providing content that truly matters to your customer requires that you, the business owner, is fully engaged in what your market (and even your own team) think about your product.

Social media influence

Your social media strategy needs to view your website as the hub of all information. This is, of course, at the very basic and stripped down point of your strategy. It should be the mothership for your marketing message, acting as the delivery mechanism for your influence and helpfulness.

As Gary Vaynerchuk mentioned above, your web presence needs to show your customers the love you have for them. Businesses, small to large, need to be aware of what their customers need, want, and say about their brand.

Start by asking yourself, “What can I do to provide value to my customer?” Or, “what can I share with my customer that will make their day when they visit me?”


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