Boost your Birthday Bookings – Episode 3 #AskAWebOp

Episode 3 of Ask A WebOp is live and Kevin explains how you can take simple steps to boost your birthday bookings.

Kevin said some great things. Here are the highlights on how to boost your birthday bookings:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The first year of customer acquisition is the most expensive. For example, the cost of acquisition will be high during the first year and the cost per acquisition will decrease over time. SEO pays exceptionally well overtime, but will take 3+ months to see success.
  2.  Unlike SEO, paid advertising has an immediate response. One example of paid advertising is Facebook Ads. With Facebook Ads, you can target a specific audience, like parents with kids ages 3-5. The cost of these ads are consistent over time. Want to learn more about target Facebook Ads? Watch episode 2 of #AskAWebOp.
  3. Your site must be optimized for mobile. From last year (January to December 2014), we saw 70% of visits to Family Entertainment Center’s websites were from a mobile device. Google now shows you whether or not a site is mobile friendly. it is crucial for your site to be mobile responsive. Great news! When you are a TrustWorkz client, all of our sites are mobile responsive.
  4. And last, once your customers visit your site, the user experience must be simple and easy to navigate – whether they are on a mobile device or not. For a user friendly and mobile responsive party booking form, we recommend our friends at Party Center Software. They provide a great service as well as guidance on providing the easiest party booking process to your customers.

Online event bookings are a great way to attract more customers and streamline your processes.

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