What Happens After a Customer Leaves Your Site

Online visibility is only half of the battle. It’s usually won through a mixture of search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising (social media ads, Google AdWords, etc), email marketing, and a strong social media strategy. All of these disciplines come together to make up your web presence. … But what happens when a potential customer […]

There’s More Noise – Don’t Give Up, Get Better

Only about 1% of Internet users actually create content. That means that there is a massive opportunity for your small business to create, share, and promote content because 99 of 100 people are just sitting there waiting to consume it. Many small businesses are creating content, but most will also tell you that they haven’t […]

Maximize your Business Facebook Page with this Checklist

Facebook is a great tool for almost all small businesses. It gives your business a presence on the largest network in the world. It also allows you to humanize your brand and connect with your customers on a more personal level. But are you utilizing everything that Facebook has to offer your small business? The answer […]

Should You Pay for Your Content to Reach More People?

Should you be paying for exposure on Facebook? Absolutely! The concept of content marketing revolves around the idea of delivering relevant, quality, and original information to your (current and soon to be) customers. The goal is to provide them with value, and in turn, they will convert into customers. Recently, Facebook and other social media platforms […]

Facebook Ads 101

What You Must Know Before You Pay for Your Next Ad Organic reach dwindling has many business owners using Facebook frustrated. While there are ways to combat a lower organic reach, Facebook Ads are a great option for many business owners looking to boost their reach or target consumers. Once you realize that Facebook Ads […]

Adjusting to Facebook’s “Promotional Content” Algorithm Update

Algorithm updates… ugh! Over the past year, Facebook has lowered the organic (unpaid) reach for most business page posts. Earlier in November, Facebook made a new announcement that businesses posting “promotional” content would see a significant drop in their organic reach as well. Why Facebook’s Organic Reach Is Declining When you look at the Facebook […]

5 Internet Marketing Strategies for Family Entertainment Franchises in 2018

Unlike small businesses with one to three locations, franchises often face difficulty when it comes to producing effective Internet marketing. Typically, the franchisor spends money marketing the corporate presence instead of providing the necessary support for each franchisee’s hyper local market. The result is missed opportunities and revenue that could be pulled from a stronger web […]