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Our Web Operatives at TrustWorkz are challenged to create authentic and thought provoking content for their clients every single day. It can be difficult at times, but after performing research on the brand, building the relationship with the customer, and building the goals the client is looking to achieve, it makes it easier!

Here are a few #trustytips from our team that can help you create unique content that will make your viewers continue to come back to your website.

  • Make sure your content is unique to your brand: Research the keywords that make sense for your content and for your brand. Incorporate relevant keywords into your published copy. *Make sure that you use keywords so that they flow naturally for the reader. If you read your copy out loud and it sounds like a robot wrote it, stop! Everyone (including Google), would probably agree with you too and that’s not good.
  • Write content with a personal twist: If you have any information or personal stories from customers or employees that you could tie into your content, go ahead and use it! It might be the twist your content needs to help you connect on a personal level.
  • Tweak your content on each platform: Creating content that is creative and engaging can resonate with viewers on one platform but not on another. Making sure you are speaking to the right audience is a HUGE piece of creating great content.
  • Get your audience involved: Ask your customers questions, encourage them to sign up for a new contest, and make sure that you get them involved.

Want more #trustytips? Stay tuned on our blog and newsletter! If there is anything specific you want our team to cover, leave a comment on our Facebook page or reach out to our team at 770.615.3275  or email us today!



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