How to Improve Your Google Local Rankings – Episode 7 #AskAWebOp

Ranking well in Google is all that any business wants to do when they first jump into Internet marketing. While we don’t believe that rankings are everything, they certainly are an important part of helping family entertainment centers be found online.

When looking at Google search engine results (SERPS), you will notice that there are three main areas:

  1. Paid results (at the very top)
  2. Google Local Results (usually when a search shows local intent)
  3. Typical organic results

The paid results and the organic results are fairly self explanatory. Although people have tried to manipulate those results since search engines first launched, the process of ranking well isn’t rocket surgery. Our philosophy is that if you add value through content and have a mechanically sound and optimized site, then you will out rank your competition.

Google’s local search results are somewhat of an every changing mystery for many, even the professionals. The algorithm is different from the typical organic results. It might even be more complicated!

In our 7th episode of #AskAWebOp, Kevin covers a few of the basics to help improve your local search results in Google.

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