NOT A Rumor – Social Media Affects Your SEO – Infographic

We here at TrustWorkz® spend a great deal of time explaining to our clients (and would-be clients) how social media activity has a direct impact on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. There has always been a myriad of tactics that have been utilized to increase your website’s chances of showing up in the search engines:

  • Keyword Density – Using keywords on your pages, posts, and in your meta information to help the search engines to find and properly index your content.
  • Inbound Links – Making sure that similar sites around the web (preferably those sites that rank higher than your own) are linking to your pages and posts.
  • Using “Alt Text” – This is text assigned to the images on your website that helps the search engines to know exactly what the image is about.
  • Having Great Titles – Giving your pages and posts compelling, informative, and Keyword-rich titles and headers sends a strong signal to the search engines about your content.

Social media participation is not something to be ignored or taken lightly. Aside from some of the older and more understood tactics and strategies affecting your SEO, great social media activity absolutely begets great SEO. This infographic simply explains several ways that social media has a direct impact on how fast and how effectively your social media activity improves your website’s SEO. Enjoy!

How Social Media Affects SEO

Infographic source: Being Your Brand


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