TrustWorkz and Atlas Roofing Win Gold for HP42 Product Launch

Atlas Roofing Corporation’s HP42 Product Launch

The Challenge

When Atlas Roofing Corporation launched a revolutionary new shingle, they were prepared to elevate the roofing experience for contractors and homeowners everywhere. HP42 is a BFD (Bigger Faster Design). The biggest shingle in America, its design eliminates waste and speeds up the roofing process, allowing contractors to finish more and higher quality projects. Atlas had a rough idea of what they needed: to educate their biggest supporters and capture the attention of their competitors’ community of contractors. And they knew TrustWorkz had the expertise to make their product launch a success.

The Solution

Working closely with their marketing team, we developed a social media launch strategy to increase brand and product awareness, educate contractors, and increase engagement and conversions, all while remaining closely aligned with Atlas’ established brand. Our campaigns included explainer ads, product-centric cover photos, infographics, gifs, video testimonials, and a fullscreen, interactive Canvas ad experience. With an aggressive three month social media strategy (and a follow up campaign to celebrate the anniversary of HP42’s product launch), we created buzz among Atlas’ existing customers, grew their social media following, and converted many of their competitors’ fans into ambassadors for Atlas’ brand.

The Data

Facebook Ads 

  • HP42 Facebook Canvas Ad (July): 3,574 people reached; 202 link clicks
  • HP42 Facebook Canvas Ad (August): 19,908 people reached; 510 link clicks
  • HP42 Facebook Canvas Retargeting Ad (September): 8,304 people reached; 180 link clicks
  • “Strength and Durability” Like Campaign: 959 likes
  • “Time and Labor Saving Shingle” Like Campaign: 781 likes
  • “The Biggest News to Hit Roofing” Like Campaign: 451 likes
  • “BFD — Bigger Faster Design” Like Campaign: 523 likes

Facebook Posts

  • Product intro post: 25,886 people reached; 8,847 video views; 763 comments, reactions, & shares
  • Contractor testimonial post: 14,865 people reached; 5,367 video views, 275 comments, reactions, & shares
  • Behind-the-scenes photo from the Hampton plant: 10,531 people reached; 363 comments, reactions, & shares
  • Sales rep Alex Dale’s HP42 product demo video: 14,699 people reached; 5,463 video views; 380 comments, reactions, & shares
  • Safeguard Construction Company’s video testimonial: 5,137 people reached; 3,637 video views; 111 comments, reactions, & shares
  • “What’s your favorite thing about HP42?” post: 8,974 people reached; 320 comments, reactions, & shares

Community Engagement

  • Facebook Page: 4,457 likes (July)
  • Facebook Page: 3,938 likes (August)
  • Facebook Page: 3,258 likes (September)

HP42 Is a BFD (Bigger Faster Design)

Thanks to a successful campaign for the HP42 shingle, Hanley Wood awarded Atlas Roofing Corporation the 2018 Gold Brand Builder Award for Best New Product Launch.

We’re hard at work in 2019 to give Atlas’ newest product launch the same stellar results as their HP42 campaign.

TrustWorkz uses proven tools and innovative strategies to deliver data-driven results and help clients reach their goals. With creativity and collaboration, we’d like to help you meet and exceed your business’ goals. Want to get started? Contact us today.


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