Redline Landscapes: Lawn Care Website Design & SEO Case Study

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The Challenge

Redline Landscapes is a full-service lawn care and landscape management company local to Metro Atlanta. When they reached out to TrustWorkz for help improving their digital presence, they had a loyal base of local customers but weren’t attracting new prospects consistently. Their Wix website was lacking content and their rankings on important search engine results pages were not reaching page 1. They needed an experienced lawn care marketing team to help them get results.

The Solution

Lawn Care Marketing, Lawn Care Web Design

  • TrustWorkz designed an SEO-rich, mobile-responsive website with navigation that focuses on UX (user experience) and customer conversions. We knew that building a site using WordPress would allow us to more effectively implement a long term SEO strategy.  
  • We developed seven pages of engaging, keyword-optimized content that educates customers, highlights Redline’s expertise, and signals site authority to Google. 
  • We developed a portfolio of images to show off Redline’s best work and made it easy for prospective clients to request a quote. 
  • Once their new site launched, our team began optimizing Redline Landscapes’ local directory listings to ensure customers can find consistent, up-to-date business information anywhere the company appears online. 
  • Our SEO team also began improving Google rankings and overall website authority with ongoing SEO work on, including but not limited to: 
    • Adding schema structured location data to the website
    • Adding a list of service cities in the footer of the website with plans to expand each into its own page
    • Creating description tags for all pages using the high-density keyword list
    • Expanding website content with location pages, a FAQ page, and a Lawn Care Timeline
  • In addition to regular on-site SEO, our team develops and optimizes monthly blog posts to educate customers and continue to improve the website’s keyword rankings on search engines.
  • We provide secure website hosting and monitor WordPress updates to minimize site crashes or glitches due to malfunctioning plug-ins or site breaches. 
  • We analyze website analytics, send monthly reports, and provide recommendations to help Redline’s digital traffic and customer conversions continue to improve.

The Data

Lawn Care Marketing StatisticsWe’ve closely monitored Redline Landscape’s website data over the six months since their site relaunch in October 2019. Despite fluctuations due to coronavirus, their website traffic continues to trend upward. 

Redline’s Lawn Care Website Redesign: 6 Month Data Comparison

  • November 2019
    • 44% increase in website traffic 
    • 102% increase in new users visiting their home page
  • December 2019
    • Organic search traffic (website traffic from Google and other search engines) increased another 55% 
    • Direct traffic increased by nearly 42% 
    • Home page visits continued to increase from 81 visits in November to 281 visits in December
  • January 2020
    • Overall web visits increased by 48% from December to January
    • Organic search traffic increased by nearly 55% 
  • February 2020-March 2020
    • 32% increase in overall site traffic with the highest performance in organic search traffic and paid search traffic
    • 19% increase in average session duration
    • 50% increase in home page traffic
    • 250% increase in traffic to their Mulch/Pine Straw Installation page
    • 140% increase in traffic to their Contact Us page
  • April 2020
    • Decreased bounce rate (how quickly site visitors leave) for nearly every type of site traffic
    • 14% increase in organic search traffic
    • Increase in pages per session and average session duration for almost all website visits
    • New, top 10 Google ranking for 3 local keywords; improved ranking for 3 additional keywords (which also rank in Google’s top 10 results)
    • Compared to October, the number of service estimate request forms submitted on their website nearly doubled.

When asked to reflect on their progress with TrustWorkz, Redline praised the “great amount of effort and precise execution you and your team bring every month!”

The Way Forward

When Redline approached us to improve their search engine rankings and bring in new customers, we developed a long-term, SEO-focused approach that would position Redline Landscapes as a top local competitor for years to come. However, due to the impact of COVID-19, we’re taking a proactive approach to improve their short term sales. We are integrating a paid ads strategy into Redline’s digital footprint. By advertising on social media, we plan to bring them at least 60 new lawn care customers by the end of the summer. 


Do you need help creating a lawn care marketing plan that delivers? Get in touch with our team. 


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