9 Lawn Care Marketing Ideas to Generate More Business

Lawn Care Marketing Ideas

Lawn Care Marketing Ideas

Looking for some fresh lawn care marketing ideas for your business? We’ve got you covered with our top 9 tips

1. Manage Your Lawn Care Business’s Reputation with a Review Strategy

Any successful digital marketing strategy includes reputation management. Today, word of mouth is digital, and word travels fast on social media and other platforms. Potential customers will likely do some research before calling you. Having positive reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other websites can help your lawn care company stand out. Unfortunately, bad experiences lead to reviews more quickly than positive ones so keeping your score high may involve a marketing strategy. Asking happy customers to leave you a review should be part of your process. Our team can help you create a review strategy that will work for you.

2. Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Research your local competition online and see what products, services, and promotions they are offering. Then create an irresistible offer that sets you apart. In your marketing collateral, communicate the offer, how the customer will benefit from choosing you, and why you are the best choice. Potential customers need a reason to choose you over the rest.

3. Create a Referral Program for Customers

One of the most successful lawn care marketing ideas is implementing a referral program. Good customers refer other good customers, and those customers will trust you if their family or friends do. Give customers a reason to recommend you with an incentive and start growing your business.

4. Invest in a High-Performing Website for Your Lawn Care Business

Your website is at the center of all of your online marketing. It should be visually appealing, rank well in search engines, and inspire customers to take action by contacting you. When you search lawn care terms in your area, is your website visible? If not, contact our team of lawn care marketing experts today.

5. Maintain a Lawn Care Blog on Your Website

An up-to-date blog helps you perform better in search engines, establish yourself as an expert in lawn care and landscaping, and build an online audience. We recommend having a professional marketing team to maintain your blog for optimal success.

6. Claim Your Google Listing

If you are an established business, chances are you have a Google listing. Google automatically generates these listings and puts them in the category they feel best matches their business. They also populate it with other information they find online. This leaves a margin for error and it is always best to have control of your Google listing so you can make sure it is accurate and up-to-date. Users can also leave reviews and ask questions on listings whether or not they are claimed. If you have an unclaimed listing, you are unable to respond to reviews and interact with customers who want more information about your lawn care business.

7. Run a Creative Facebook Ad Campaign

Your customers are on social media and expect your business to be on it too. Because the organic reach of Facebook posts is pretty low for businesses, it is important to allocate some of your marketing dollars towards Facebook Ads. Work with your marketing team to create a campaign based on your goals and target customers likely to purchase your lawn care services.

8. Start Building an Email List

Customer emails are very valuable. We always recommend that businesses start collecting email addresses as soon as possible, even if they aren’t using email marketing yet. Send emails to your customers with reminders, tips, and promotions, always including a call to action for them to schedule your team.

9. Hire a Professional Lawn Care Marketing Team

These are just some of many lawn care marketing ideas that can help you increase your sales and bring on new customers. TrustWorkz specializes in providing high-quality lawn care marketing services. Contact our team today to learn more.


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