Getting Down to Business: How to Manage Your Facebook Business Page

With over 1 billion active daily users, it’s no surprise that many local businesses turn to Facebook to reach and build personal relationships with customers. If you are looking to take advantage of Facebook’s wide user-base, the first step is to set up a Facebook page – different from a personal profile. A Facebook business […]

Four Little Lines, One Big Opportunity

Successful social media strategy is all about connecting with a community, and Instagram’s latest update makes it easier than ever to reach new audiences and deliver information that turns followers into customers.  The ability to search for hashtags on Instagram isn’t new, but this update allows users to follow hashtags and see those posts directly […]

Why Your Small Business Should Be Using Instagram Stories

If you’re a business owner, let’s be real. We’ve all admittedly experienced a sense of anxiousness when it comes to social media. Why? Because it’s constantly changing, and it’s up to us to stay on top of it. With numerous different platforms with similar features, how do you pick and choose what will work best […]

When to Post on Instagram for More Likes

Now that the Instagram algorithm update has rolled out across the network, posting with strategy is even more important for businesses today. Similar to when Facebook created an algorithm to help the best and most relevant content rise to the top of your feed, Instagram posts will require an updated strategy for you to keep […]

Our Social Media Mantras – #AskAWebOp Ep 49

One of the most essential parts of creating a social media strategy is to have some parameters for yourself and your team. A social media mission can help your strategy stay in the right direction, even if you have multiple voices (people) contributing. Kelsey and Taylor discuss their social media mantras that help build community, […]

What’s the ROI of a Snapchat On Demand Geofilter?

Many small businesses are turned off from using Snapchat or Instagram Stories because they only last 24 hours. Before we dive into Geofilters, it’s important to clear this hurdle or it’s not worth your time to move forward (just being honest). The power of Snapchat is that: With only 24 hours to see what you […]

Go LIVE with Confidence! 7 Tips for Successful Live Streaming

Have you noticed how comfortable people are now with taking selfies in public? While most of us are guilty of taking selfies, it always seemed like something to be ashamed of just a few years ago. An so we tried to sneak them here and there, hoping that no one caught us taking pictures of ourselves in […]