Motherhood and Marketing: How Mastering One Helps You Master Both

If you know me, you know I spent some time away from TrustWorkz this summer. I was working hard at home, but I am elated to be back at work after having my second child, baby Jett!

It’s a funny thing to get some time away from work. It clears your head and allows you to have more creative thoughts—at least this was the case for me. During my maternity leave, I spent a lot of time loving on my kids, wishing I’d never have to go back. I also spent a lot of time missing the science and creativity of my day job. But my two worlds aren’t polar opposites.  There are so many similarities between motherhood and marketing, and not to brag, but I’m pretty darn good at both. 

So what do motherhood and marketing have in common? I thought you’d never ask. 😉

Time & Attention

Your baby is your business, and just like that sweet, new baby of mine, it needs endless amounts of time and attention. And since your digital footprint is everything nowadays, it’s never good to go negligent on your business’ marketing efforts. (This diaper isn’t going to change itself, amiright?)

My advice? Don’t take on more than you can handle. If your business is killing it on Facebook, but can’t seem to get consistent on Instagram, nix it! Quality over quantity, every time.


As you may know, children thrive on schedules. Regular schedules give the day structure and bring order to a child’s life. This type of repetition and routine can be great for your marketing strategy as well! Whether it’s monthly, weekly or quarterly, scheduling your time allows one to do research, create a list of goals, and execute a well-thought out marketing strategy. It pays off in the end! 


Everyone knows someone who is nurturing and, whether they’re a mom or not, they always inherit the “mom” title. You know, it’s the friend who always makes sure you make it home safe or has snacks and wipes in her purse. It’s true, moms are nurturing by nature. But what would happen if you tended to your social media platforms or website content like moms nurture a newborn baby? Magic … that’s what happens! A little time, effort and empathy can go a very long way toward growing a strong and healthy digital presence.

Non-Stop, 24/7

You must always be turned on as a mom—always prepared for the next “blow-out” at all times. So what does this have to do with marketing? You must always be prepared for the unexpected, always have your ear to the ground and be ready to pivot at any moment. 

Tip: There are some things in marketing that you can prepare for. Do you have a plan for when you get a bad review? Do you have a social media protocol that you’d like to follow as a business? Get a plan in place now so when a crisis happens, you have that “extra pair of clothes” in your bag. 😉 

It Takes a Village!

I always heard this phrase growing up. I honestly never knew what it meant until I became a mom. It truly takes a village to raise children—to help point you in the right direction when you are exhausted and don’t know where to turn. Marketing is the same! Build a team of people that you trust and keep them close. Vet new ideas and strategies with them first beforehand. A team can provide a clear-minded perspective when you are in the weeds. Trust me when I say: It takes a village!

Celebrate The Wins – No Matter How Big or Small

In both motherhood and marketing, it’s easy to get discouraged and burned out. Remind yourself that good things happen. You’ll eventually get those few hours of sleep or the sweetest hug from your child, just like you’ll get that positive review or those comments, likes, and shares on that Facebook post you’ve worked so hard on. Keep going and remember to always celebrate the wins—big or small. These wins will surely boost you and your team’s morale, as well as help you know where to invest your time and energy. 

So here’s the thing: being a mother has made me a better marketer and vice-versa. Get a mom on your team — contact TrustWorkz today!


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