Getting the Most Out of Periscope Live Streaming

If live streaming is not part of your current marketing strategy, then it might be time to reevaluate. With apps like Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live, the ability to live stream has become easier than ever. Now, anyone can be a show host, reporter or broadcaster with their smartphone. Not convinced that live streaming should […]

Revive Your Twitter with Video Responses

Even though brands are the +1 at the social media cocktail party, it still makes people feel great to be acknowledged by a business. A few years ago, it made people feel great because it was like being mentioned by a superstar. Who wouldn’t want Nike to reply to them publicly!? Today, customers (you, me, […]

Instagram Ads Are a Must for Family Entertainment

There are 1.5 BILLION Facebook users and 1 BILLION of those users are on the network every day (August 2015). It’s almost a no brainer for us to use Facebook’s advertising platform when trying to build business for our customers. Think about all of those parents looking at Facebook! Since launching Facebook ads as a service, we have seen amazing results. The […]

3 Reasons to Reconsider Jumping Onto Snapchat

Allow me to preface this post by saying that I am a Snapchat user.  When Snapchat first launched, it was making headlines for negative reasons. As the network’s reputation matured, users began to shape the service and how brands would eventually find success in using it. If you’re not familiar with Snapchat, it is a […]

Episode 14 – #AskAWebOp – Best Times to Post on Facebook

Kelsey and Taylor discuss the best times for businesses to post on Facebook to maximize their reach and engagement in Episode 14 of #AskAWebOp. This was also the first episode that was live streamed via Meerkat App. Make sure that you add TrustWorkz to your Meerkat account to join in on Episode 15!

Mastering Instagram, Facebook Posts, and Blog Content – Episode 10 of #AskAWebOp

Kevin and Taylor kickoff our new #AskAWebOp format! Customers submitted questions to #AskAWebOp and Kevin and Taylor provided the answers! Episode 10 covers Instagram woes from a current client trying to manage the social app on their own and blog content guidelines.

Great Social Media Advertising Tools to Jump On Now! – Episode 8 #AskAWebOp

Remember when email was all the rage and you couldn’t wait to sign into AOL to hear, “You’ve got mail”? It was only a few years ago that email open rates for businesses were above 80%, but then we grew weary of Groupon, chain emails forwarded from your parents, and that royal family from a […]