Upcoming Webinar with Party Center Software – Why Mobile Friendly Web Design Matters

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Are you losing revenue because of your website? Register to find out why and how to make a change for your business!

Did you know that not having a mobile friendly website could be affecting your business? According to our friends and experts in the industry, Party Center Software, around 40% of birthday parties are booked online. Of that percentage, 45% are booked on a mobile device. This means that having a mobile friendly website directly correlates to your overall bottom line. Who doesn’t want to make more money?

Exciting news for you! We are teaming up with Party Center Software to host and discuss why mobile is important, what makes a website “mobile friendly”, how it impacts your search rankings and how it will impact your overall web presence.

The webinar is open to the first 100 registrants that attend, so make sure to Register Today.

When: Tuesday, August 26 at 12:00pm PDT
What: A webinar about mobile friendly web design
Why: Without a mobile friendly website and online booking, your business will suffer
Who: TrustWorkz and Party Center Software are hosting it together!
HowRegister Here

Are you interested in reading more about mobile responsive websites before the webinar? Check out our latest blog post, Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Here’s Why You Should Care! and come with questions for us!

Can’t make the webinar but still want more information on how to make your website mobile responsive? Contact our team for a free assessment or live demo!


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