I’m Heart-eyes for These Marketing Ideas

hearts on a clothesline

This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to bring you things that sparked joy in the marketing world.

*Cue Marie Kondo* 

marie kondo

In this busy world, where marketing hits you in every aspect of life, I compiled a short list of 5 things that I love.

Marketing I Love This Valentine’s Day

I love Pepsi’s heart-first marketing move.

If you know anything about Atlanta, it’s that we’re a Coke country! Everything is “I’ll have a Coke,” even if you’re ordering a Sprite. Pepsi came into town with the Super Bowl and thought they were cool with their super bowl marketing tactics. As a Coca-Cola purist, I was not a fan. But I was a fan of their latest move: donating a meal to United Way Atlanta for every use of the hashtags #ColaTruce and #SharetoDonate.

I’ll always be #TeamCoke, but this is mighty well done. Great job, Pepsi.

​I love that more and more companies are using GIFs in their email marketing.

Take Starbucks, for example. They’re a huge company and they have committed to incorporating GIFs whenever possible. This ​is a great way to show off their variety of drinks — because let’s be honest, they’re all pretty drool-worthy. I bring this up because I think anyone (yes, even you!) can create their own GIFs using images they already have. Come on, I know you want to spice things up. This is a great way!

I love that you can create custom Instagram stickers!

instagram stickers

Speaking of spicing things up, Instagram is adding some flavor to our lives with CUSTOM Instagram stickers. There a quite a few steps to get your sticker published on Instagram, but we believe the work will pay off.

I love Super Bowl Commercials.

Did you notice a lot of Super Bowl commercials about Alexa? It’s no coincidence! There’s been a rise in the popularity of virtual assistants and voice search. Are you you taking the necessary steps to being found by voice search? Get a quick laugh below, then schedule a call so we can chat about our SEO services and how we are tackling the voice search battle head-on.

One more for kicks and giggles because this commercial was hilarious. I mean, who doesn’t love the way helium makes your voice sound? (Don’t try this at home!)

Which commercial was your favorite?

​I love that you can send a Valentine’s card to a child in the hospital.

Oh gosh, my heart. I love this so much! Send a virtual Valentine’s Day to a child at St. Jude’s. Things like this make me so happy and I love it even more when I see a business get behind a mission like this. Posting something like this on your Facebook page could bring tremendous joy to so many children. It’s Valentine’s Day, c’mon! Send one!

st. jude's valentine's day art
Artwork inspired by St. Jude Patient Demetrias

Want to have a more local appeal? I also love when businesses ask their Facebook audience for a cause or organization they could give to. This is a great way to create engagement and do something good for your community. We are all for supporting local missions!

I love that you can name a cockroach after your ex!

I will end with this because if you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day, then this may be more of your cup of tea. This Zoo in El Paso is letting you name a cockroach after your ex! It’s so genius that it really got me thinking. Is there something that you could do that may appear as non-traditional? Maybe you can have people request songs that they want to skate to or pay it forward for someone who may not have someone on this day. Creativity wins, so go for it!  

What's the perfect Valentine's Day gift? ❤️ Naming a cockroach after your ex, of course! Message us your ex's name and…

Posted by El Paso Zoo on Monday, February 4, 2019

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